A New Standard Of Home Monitoring


No Forced Breathing Maneuvers

Tidal Breathing

Our test is done during tidal breathing, also known as quiet breathing. Without the need to blow forcefully, making it ideal for people with respiratory symptoms and small children.

No Cooperation

Our lung function test does not require any special instructions or breathing maneuvers. The test is completely automated and can be performed on all ages, including neonates.

Airway Resistance (Raw)

We measure Airway-Resistance, the most physically accurate parameter for measuring airway obstructions and twice as sensitive as FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in 1 sec).

Non Invasive

NE Field’s testing method is non invasive and only requires breathing through our device through a disposable mouthpiece.


NE Field Diagnostics Ltd. was established in 2015 to develop and commercialize an innovative technology for lung function testing and monitoring. After extensive research and consulting with leading experts in the field of pulmonology, we came to a conclusion; The best way to accurately measure lung functions is to find a way to measure alveolar pressure. Once we succeeded calculating Airway-Resistance and respiratory-compliance was simple. These are two of the most important parameters when diagnosing pulmonary diseases and also in monitoring chronic respiratory symptoms. NE Field has done precisely that! What was only possible in a body-box (plethysmograph), is now possible in a hand-held device, connected to you smart-phone. Thanks to our patented device, method and algorithm.


Our aim is to provide a reliable solution for home monitoring of chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD and Asthma. We intend to prevent exacerbation and unnecessary hospitalization by providing a simple test that did not exist until now. $50B are spent annually in the USA alone on COPD, of which $13B on hospitalization. 22% of COPD patients are readmitted in under 30 days. Clinical tests have proven that home-monitoring can dramatically reduce these numbers. All that was left was to make home-monitoring easy and affordable… we did that. 


  • Ni Fei De daughter company established in Guangzhou China
  • Patent pending
  • Working prototype
  • Successful animal trials
  • Reproducible results
  • Cooperation with a major Israeli HMO
  • Scientific advisory board

Want to find out more?

Check out this ILTV news item in which Ofer our CEO explains about the A-Spire.

Our Team

Ofer Rahamim - CEO

Founder and CEO of KR-Engineering – an electro-mechanical engineering firm, Co-Founder of LightWindTurbnies – an alternative energy engineering firm. A professor of CFD and FE analysis at the Afeka college of engineering. An R&D engineer since 2006, with extensive experience in medical devices.

Dr. David Shoseyov - CMA

Pediatric pulmonology specialist at Hadassah Mt. Scopus Hospital.  The head of the Israeli Society of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine. His main areas of research are chronic and acute pulmonary diseases in children. Dr. Shoseyov has been devising pulmonary medical devices at his own clinical lab for research and clinical work.

Dr. Itamar Offer - Healthcare Expert

Healthcare management expert and a Pediatrician. Specializing in healthcare systems and healthcare economics with over 18 years of experience. Former CEO of the Herzliya Medical Center, a private hospital. Lead a hospital project in India. Was the medical director of “Clalit” Tel-Aviv district (Israel’s largest HMO) and deputy director of Schneider Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Offer carries an MPA degree from Harvard Kennedy School.

Liran Daniel - Algorithms & Electronics Expert

Electronics engineer with a strong academic background in life-sciences. Ex 8200 technical officer. Former senior instructor and support developer at the Fraunhofer-Institute in Duisburg. .

Harel Halevi - COO

Seasoned financial analyst and a business & marketing consultant. Harel joined NE Field after extensive hands on experience in assisting businesses to expand their capacities.

Advisory Board

Prof. (MD) Chaim Springer

Former head of the Pediatric Pulmonology Unit at the Institute of Pulmonology at Hadassah University Hospital. His current research focuses on the development of new techniques to evaluate lung function in infants. Prof. Springer published numerous research papers in the field of pediatric pulmonology and held key academic and clinical positions.

Dr. Moshe Tshuva

Head of the school of mechanical engineering at Afeka, Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering and chairman of the Israeli Sustainable Energy Society. A world expert in the fields of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. In addition to his research Dr. Tshuva has led a variety of engineering projects both in the industry and the military.

Dr. Michael Itnati

In addition to his MD degree, Dr. Michael Itnati holds a Ph.D in Engineering, a Ph.D in Economics and is a Doctor of Law (J.S.D) from Stanford University. His corporate positions include CEO of Kawasaki Electronics, VP IP at Saifun Semiconductors, Chief IP Counsel at LSI, and Senior Counsel at Intel. His main focus is leveraging IP rights to build value in international markets.

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